What to Put In Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop

Topic: What to Put In Dog Food to Stop Eating Poop: There can be endless reasons why your dog is nibbling poop. Most of the time the phenomena is natural but horrifying to watch. Dogs can make it a permanent habit to eat Poop which might cause various health issues in them. The consumed poop can be severely contaminated with viruses, toxins and germs. It can even stimulate symptoms of diseases and behavioral issues.

A few reasons why your dog eats Poop may include –

  • A temporary habit because of giving birth to puppies.
  • Some kind of disease or illness originating in the body. Poop eating behavior needs to be quickly attended to in such a case.
  • Deficiency of proper nutrition and diet
  • Your dog loves the taste of poop

Food that can deter your dog to eat poop-

In the upcoming paragraph we have shared some potential food items that can help your dog to resume normal eating habits. The Poop eating activity can be severely dangerous and disgusting. The below mentioned things can be added to the regular food of your dog so that things can be better –

It is absolutely possible that your dog loves the taste and smell of poop. You need to expel your animal by creating some kind of unpleasant experience. Sprinkle meat tenderiser by purchasing it from the local pet shop nearby. Eventually you will be able to discourage your pet animal in a moment. Meat tenderisers are otherwise harmful for the pets because they consist of MSG and artificial flavors. This may help instantly fix the problem but can be harmful from a long term point of view.

  • Apple Cider vinegar

Deficiency of hydrochloric acid resulting from poor nutrition is again one common reason why dog is eating poop. Fulfill the requirement of hydrochloric acid by providing apple cider vinegar to your pet. Acv is associated with digestive enzymes as well. It helps in multiple ways to deter your pet from eating poop. Just a spoonful of acv once a day is enough to help your dog eliminate the habit of eating shit.

  • Multivitamin

One of the most common reasons why your dog is continuously attracted towards eating food is because of some multivitamin deficiency. Most of the time it is the lack of vitamin B that you can add in your beloved pet diet to help him. Add vitamin B tablets in his food after consulting a veteran and continue it for 15 days. Your dog would probably change his poop eating behavior and resume normalcy.

Pet animals cannot withstand all varieties of food given. They need to be treated very carefully so that their digestive system keeps working well. Look for additional digestive enzyme supplements that can stop your dog from eating poop. Digestive supplements have certain nutrition and elements that can allow the gut of the dog to absorb a better amount of Nutrition. Some of the most common digestive enzymes include green tripe, Raw Honey, Prozyme, papain and bromelain.

  • Pineapple

The taste of pineapple might not appear very fascinating to your pet. However, that is one thing you can add to his food to help him avoid eating poop. The horrible habit of eating feces will definitely go away once you start adding a few chunks of pineapple in his food. The high source of sugar and fiber should be given in Limited quantities only. You can also Crush pineapple chunks in a mixer grinder to serve it in the form of flesh to your pet.

Final words

A few more things apart from the above mentioned suggestions that you can try include probiotics, cooked grain, dietary fat and green veggies. Maybe a combination of all the above mentioned suggestions can help your dog. As a last option you can see a vet and help your dog to cope up with this poor habit.

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