US Confirms First Case Of H5 Bird Flu As Colorado Inmate Gets Infected

The health officials of officials from the US State of Colorado confirmed on Thursday that a detainee younger than 40 was infected by influenza A(H5) commonly referred to as the H5 virus. “This is the second human case associated with this specific group of H5 viruses that are currently predominant, and the first case in the United States,” the US Centres For Disease Control (CDC) declared.

Another case was discovered in China where a four-year-old baby was the very first human to contract an infection with the H3N8 strain of bird influenza.

The inmate, as the child in China’s Henan province was also close to birds that were raised on a poultry farm. The first instance of H5 bird influenza however, was discovered in the UK after another man was in close proximity to birds from a farm was diagnosed with the virus.

“Because this person had been near to poultry that had been infected The virus could be present in the nose, but not causing an illness. The person’s test after another was not positive for influenza” Colorado health officials said.

The CDC However, the CDC stated that this human H5-positive case is not a change in the assessment of risk to human health. Colorado health officials stated that the risk to the general public is not significant, given that the transmission of H5N1 from person to person bird flu is extremely rare.

The Colorado prisoner was in a pre-release programme at an industrial poultry farm in Montrose County before falling ill. The Colorado officials further stated that the man had recovered after suffering from fatigue. He is receiving treatment with the antiviral medication Oseltamivir.

The CDC confirmed that there aren’t any viruses that are new being developed in the US.

It also stated that those who are regularly in contact to poultry have higher risk of contracting. The CDC advised people working in industry of animal husbandry or related to poultry to be cautious while declaring that the Colorado case was the result of contamination on surfaces. The CDC requested that people avoid contact with birds who are dead or look sick and avoid surfaces where bird faeces may be in the air.

In the meantime, the chickens affected by the outbreak were killed, Colorado health officials told the New York Post.

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