Suppressing Anger Harmful for Relationship, Says Study

Relationships between couples are breaking up faster than they can create a bond among the couples. The main reasons behind failed relationships do not necessarily stem from because of infidelity. Even if both partners are committed to one another but they could have major disagreements, which can lead to a break-up in the relationship. While minor disputes and disagreements are normal and inevitable in relationships, disputes should be resolved managed in a manner that ensures that the bond of love is not shattered. Based on research conducted of Florida State University (FCU) of America has revealed how one can help save a dying relationship.

Jim McNulty, Professor of Psychology at FCU Jim McNulty, Professor of Psychology at FCU has made a crucial aspect of his research, saying that if couples don’t express their anger about something that transpired within the appropriate moment, the anger increases and the love between them is reduced.

Couples who were both able to keep their tempers in check during marriage were more likely end up dying earlier than couples who didn’t as per the study from 2008 that tracked more than 200 couples over 17 years.

“Avoiding conflict does not work,” said Caitlin Cantor, who is a certified couple, individual and sexual therapy therapist in Philadelphia. “It’s incredibly beneficial if you can fight and learn how to connect in your differences and learn more about each other via the argument.”


The report emphasizes the best moment to voice your disappointment. Many people view romantic disputes as an impulsive incident triggered by emotions such as “I can’t stand this any longer.”

“It’s harder to hold your tongue or think through what you’re saying before you say it at those moments,” McNulty said. “People frequently regret what they say later on, so try to avoid those situations.”

Set a time for a conversation of your feelings with your partner when you begin feeling the stress, to ensure that you are free of stress and distractions.

It is common for people to tend to let things fester until they explode. They also confront arguments when they are exhausted, stressed, says the study.

People who are McNulty should not delay until they could not handle any more. The most crucial aspect of the strategy created to resolve any issue is to have a great public.

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