How To Stop Dog From Eating Poop Home Remedies

Sometimes dogs eating poop can be completely natural whereas the rest of the times it may indicate a serious problem. Our favorite Pal should be attended very carefully in such situations. Eating poop amongst dogs is absolutely common. This type of behavior should be identified and corrected by the dog owners in due time period. The problem can be because of various reasons which remain easy to handle in most of the situations.

A few reasons why your Dog eats poop

  • Improper nutrition in food makes dogs search for poop. You must Resort to the best quality dog food and also talk with your vet regarding his diet plan.
  • Maybe your pet is in some kind of stress and that is why he is eating his own fecal matter.
  • Maybe he has just given birth to pets and he wants the nearby surroundings to be absolutely clean for them.
  • Your dog may eat his own fecal matter in order to get attention from you.
  •  His boredom and isolation might stimulate him to investigate and play with his own waste matter.
  • He is like in the smell and taste of the Poop considerably

Home remedies to prevent dog from eating waste matter

We have already discussed the behavioral aspects of pets when it comes to eating poop. Now we must Resort to some natural remedies that can prevent him from eating gross. Here is what you can do to put an end to this disgusting habit-

  • Serve dog with densely nutritious food

It is very important to provide proper meals to your pet. Lack of Nutrition can develop unwanted habits in the dog. Make sure that you either prepare proper homemade food or buy the best readymade dog food for him from the Market. Alternatively, you can give multivitamin supplements after confirming from the vet.

  • Keep it clean

Prevention is always better than cure and the same applies in this case as well. Instead of complaining that your dog is eating his own stool, a better idea would be to pick it up as soon as he excretes. Make sure that you supervise him for a few days and eventually he will get rid of his habit.

  • Stay alert

You must stay absolutely alert when it comes to going out for a walk with the pet. If your dog is fond of eating feces, you should keep on distracting him from the same . Give him commands to not to do that thing and lastly Resort for mild capital punishment.

  • Poop deterrents

If your dog is simply a Poop eater because he is fond of the taste and smell of it, adding Poop deterrent can take away all his interest at once. Poop deterrents consist of certain substances that have a pungent smell which dogs do not admire. Some of them come with garlic and parsley flavors which No Dog would like. It manipulates The Poop taste vigorously by making it worse.

  • Keep him Engagef

Sometimes boredom can be the reason why the dog is playing with any litter he finds around. You must try to play with him when he wants your attention or hand over some dog toys. Purchase artificial bones and balls so that his leisure always brings him fun.

Final words

The worst outcome of eating poop is foul breath. It is very unfortunate to see your beloved animal being involved in such a stressful activity.

Guiding your dog not to eat waste matter might be slightly time taking. However, eventually you will be able to get rid of his habit and develop tailor made habits.

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