How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly

It is quite annoying when your dog is unable to excrete and is troubled with constipation. It is very discomforting for the pet to be unable to poop. Being a pet owner, you should never overlook such trouble and make sure that you investigate the underlying reason behind the problem and take instant steps to resolve it. We have shared some easy tips to help your dog poop instantly.

Ways to help your dog excrete fast –

  • Add probiotics and fiber in diet

Your dog can easily recover from constipation if you encourage him to eat probiotics and fiber dense food items. Feed him with goat’s milk and add psyllium husk that acts as a natural source of fiber. You can also prepare homemade food using green veggies and fruits. Guide him to chew his food properly and keep him hydrated to promote better gut functioning.

  • Encourage by squirting

There is nothing more painful than seeing a constipated puppy at home. Help him to release all the waste matter with the help of squirting activity. All you need to do is direct a strea. of water on his anus so that he Poop gets moisture and comes out easily. You can do it with the help of a pipe. Repeat the activity once again to help.

  • Comfort him

Some of the dogs have a tough time opening out. You must have little patience in guiding a dog with toilet manners. It might be because of the unfamiliar surroundings that your dog is refusing to excrete. comfort him a bit and eventually you will find him coming out of anxiety and pooping well.

  • Use ice cubes

Place an ice cube upon the anus of your dog and hold it for a couple of seconds. There is absolutely no danger in doing this and the outcome is somewhat assured. This will help your dog to contract his bum while pushing all the waste matter out immediately. Collect all the good poop in a bag and throw it away at a suitable place.

  • Encourage physical activity

Dogs are flooded with lots of energy and they need to vent out all of it properly. Encourage plenty of physical activity so that all his body functions properly and at the correct time. You can take him to a park for a long walk where he can excrete comfortably. Most of the dogs have a habit of pooping in the open areas instead of at home. give him some fresh air and he will be able to overcome the problem of constipation naturally.

  • ¬†belly rubbing

Belly rubbing is again an effective technique to make your dog poop fast. Massaging the abdomen area stimulates proper functioning of gut and intestine while helping the animal to get rid of accumulated waste matter.

Try to feed your dog with liquid food most of the time in case of severe constipation. Additionally, you must guide him to drink a lot of water and reward him for the same. Maintaining a proper hydration level can naturally help your puppy to get rid of toxins.

  • Change dog food

If your dog is chronically constipated, a better idea would be to ask your veterinarian to suggest a fiber rich supplement. The correct dog food would always help your little pup to poop fast .

Things to avoid

  • Do not provide human laxatives to your pup
  • Avoid giving him too much canned food and prepare homemade nutritious food
  • Avoid giving him heavy meals

Final words

As a last resort you can try giving your dog herbal constipation relievers. Make sure that whatever you do has the right way and technique. There is always a way out if you choose correct training techniques and patience with your pet animal.

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